Tonton Macoute Horror Short Film


For generations, Haitian parents would tell their children about Tonton Macoute ("Uncle Gunnysack"), a mysterious man that goes out at night capturing bad children and stuffing them into his sack. The bad children are never seen again. As long as a child is good and stays by their parents, they're safe from him... but if they wander off too far...​

Jean-Claude isn’t a child anymore. He thinks that Tonton Macoute is just a story for kids. No longer afraid of the consequences of his actions and with nothing to fear, JC steals from his grandmother... which is when he finds out that, believe him or not, Tonton Macoute does exist, and that he's coming to get him... along with his group of teenage friends who stand in the ruthless Haitian Boogeyman's way.

Categories: Film | Country: United States of America

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