THE FIRST DIMENSION: Sci-Fi Artificial Intelligence Ghost Story Comic Book

It is believed by some that technical devices can sometimes detect ghosts, so imagine what would happen if in, say, 50 years, Artificial Intelligence entities are able to see ghosts and begin envying them?

Imagine if, after taking the Presidency of Earth—which we assign to them out of trust and convenience—, they become so over-humanized that they also want to have souls. What would happen if we could not give them what is not ours to create in the first place?

What would happen to us, humans, if access to another world becomes a new technology that only AIs can use... while we become obsolete and certainly just a step in the path to the AIs plans to take over the world in their own terms?

THE FIRST DIMENSION is a Sci-Fi Artificial Intelligence Ghost Story Comic Book that creatively explores the possible consequences of seeing AI entities increasingly control every aspect of our lives... and why what is initially seen as convenient can quickly become a nightmare. 

Categories: Publishing, Comics & Illustration | Country: United States of America

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