Soma Sustainable Carafe & Plant-Based Water Filter

Designed and assembled in California, the Soma Sustainable Carafe & Plant-Based Water Filter offers a mix of robust eco-friendly dishwasher-safe materials and a practical design that allows you to be sure that your water filter won't get your water spilling every time you use your filter.

A shatter-resistant glass carafe that holds 6 glasses (48oz) of fresh filtered water, the Soma Sustainable Carafe & Plant-Based Water Filter has a lid door that opens automatically for easy filling. 


The structure is made of shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic, the filter is made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing, namely to remove chlorine from your water and improve its taste, and the carafe is designed to impress: beautiful lines that look great and offer a perfect functionality.

Plus, every time you buy a Soma filter, the company will donate clean drinking water to people in need through Soma’s nonprofit partner.

Categories: Design, Health & Fitness | Country: United States of America

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