The Game that Chemistry Students Won’t Want to Give Up On is an EdTech Tool

If you can’t beat it, then incorporate it into your strategy. That’s what should be said about gaming and how it often becomes a too demanding distraction for school-age teenagers who’d rather be gaming and having fun than understanding complex subjects such as Chemistry. The way forward is to turn gaming into a tool, instead of just letting it be a distraction.

That’s why we have developed TopChemist, a game for smartphones and tablets that you can actually encourage your children or students to play. While TopChemist looks, feels and plays like an exciting game, it is also a curriculum-based learning experience that uses a blend of EdTech and Gamification to overcome typical learning barriers.

TopChemist can both be used at home or even in classrooms and it presents students with something that they are naturally drawn to — a game. The difference is that this game contains fundamental Chemistry lessons that they would usually try to escape from, but which they will instead be immersed by when diving into the game’s adventure.

As a game, TopChemist has different stages and levels, as the user keeps accomplishing new goals throughout the journey. Consequently, it makes a great way to have students actually learning Chemistry and testing their acquired knowledge as they are required to apply what the game teaches them in order to get to the next level.

This app, which is being developed for Android and iOS systems, aims to make the lives of Chemistry and Science Teachers easier, and their work more efficient. Instead of struggling to get their students to understand what usually intimidates them or sounds too complex, they can instead offer them a curriculum-based avenue that no student will want to be excluded from.

In fact, getting really good as a TopChemist gamer — also meaning getting really good at understanding and applying Chemistry principles — is a surprisingly compelling proposition that students will gladly accept. Reading heavy volumes of Chemistry lessons, on the other hand, not so much.

Parents can also use TopChemist as an educational app for their children that they will perceive as just another game — but which will indeed stimulate their rational thinking, their scientific culture, and their Chemistry knowledge. It will improve their grades, as well.

It should be noted that, obviously, TopChemist in no way seeks to replace teachers, conventional classes or textbooks. On the contrary, we just want to equip schools, teachers, parents and, of course, students with an educational tool that will support conventional education. In fact, with TopChemist, we want to help deepen the interest of students in STEM subjects through a gamified educational approach that no one would turn their backs on.

TopChemist is about to be launched on Indiegogo, and you can learn more about it and download a free demo version by clicking here.

Source: TopChemist App

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