The Eco-Friendly Caps that Stand for Species Preservation

You've probably heard it before. 99 percent of all animal species that have ever lived are already extinct. That means we currently live with the remaining 1%. This does not mean that all the existing animal species are chronically sentenced to disappear. Certainly not. However, we must recognize that many species disappearing at a very fast and troubing pace.

The idea of ​​KÜRT is therefore simple. KÜRT stands for our short duration on this planet, which means that we have to stop and look around before we destroy what is beautiful and precious. We focus on the animal species that are on Earyhlive and we want to make sure that they are appreciated. That is why KÜRT created caps that portray the beautiful animals on our planet. Specifically, our caps are inspired by the white rhinoceros, the red deer and the amur leopard.

With Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding platform, we now try to realize our dream of starting up a small business. Crowdfunding is a way for us to raise money without having to go through investment companies. It is also an opportunity for those interested from all over the world in getting an affordable, beautiful and high-quality cap to get one while knowing that this is a cap that stands for something meaningful.

Also, we would like to highlight that, for each 50 caps that are sold, KÜRT will sponsor an endangered animal. That means that, through the simple gesture of buying a stylish and great cap, you'll be not only standing up for endangered species but also helping us to fund their protection and preservation.

The risk is inexistent, really. If you support our Kickstarter campaign, you get your cap and our project has real chances of successfully moving forward while also forwarding the cause that it represents. If we do not raise the funding goal of €10,000 Euros, you simply get your money returned to you.

Still, we hope that you will see value in our project and that you will help us take it forward. This is both a project for a new brand of accessories that bring durability, style and sustainability to the world of apparel while also giving back to animals and nature. Also, if our project is backed on Kickstarter, then we intend to develop and launch new designs with new animal symbols while increasingly offering support and raising awareness about the urgent need to preserve the species of the animal kingdom that we, as a global community of responsible citizens, cannot allow to see disappear. We hope you join us in this journey on Kickstarter.

Source: KÜRT

Categories: Environment, Fashion

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