Special Keyboard for People with Special Needs About to Be Launched

Key2Enable, Singularity University’s Portfolio Company, is bringing to the US and international markets Key-X, its assistive technology multifunctional keyboard that allows any person with physical, motor or intellectual disabilities to efficiently and autonomously use computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Gleisson Fernandes, a computer scientist with Cerebral Palsy, originally developed a special 9-key keyboard to allow him to easily use a computer instead of the helmet pointer that he used before. Subsequently, when partnering with Key2Enable, Gleisson and the team eventually developed the Key-X, an improved 11-key version keyboard that has all the functions of a normal keyboard and mouse.

In Brazil, where Key-X was created, several thousand children and adults with disabilities have been successfully using the keyboard for the past 2 years.

The Key-X promotes the digital inclusion of People with Disabilities

Daniel, for example, is learning how to code Java while using the Key-X just by blinking his eyes, using Key-X’s accessory a-Blin-X, which allows people to use the keyboard even if they are severely disabled.

Julia, on the other hand, was isolated due to her struggle with the limitations that Cerebral Palsy previously imposed on her, but she now goes to a regular classroom, in which the Key-X has allowed her to be considered the best mathematics student in her class.

The Key-X also comes with accessories and aid applications that make it even more versatile and efficient as a tool for the digital inclusion of disabled people:

The possibilities that the Key-X creates
  • Simplix — Software for creating educational interactive activities and alternative communication boards

  • TelepaTix — A quick writing app that enables paralyzed people and non-speaking individuals to quickly write and easily communicate

  • a-Blin-X — An eye-blink detector and switch that allows severely disabled people to use the keyboard by simply blinking an eye

  • X-Queeze — Air Pressure switch that triggers a switch just by blowing air into a tube or squeezing a balloon, allowing disabled people to simply squeeze to activate a switch

  • X-Trig — A button switch that further simplifies the user experience, since even a severely disabled user can fully control the Key-X just by slightly pushing a single, large-sized button

All over the world, around 3% of all people (about 200 million people) have some kind of motor disabilities. In the U.S. alone, 10 million people have a motor disability. If we consider the full spectrum of all disabilities, then almost 1 billion people around the globe struggle with the limitations imposed by some sort of disability. The Key-X addresses this issue by offering an easy, functional and versatile tool that offers an autonomous, efficient and private way for disabled people to use any computer, tablet or smartphone.

By being simply activated through a combination of two keys to delivering one command, and by having only 11 keys that control all the more than 200 functions that a regular keyboard has, Key-X is the perfect tool for the digital inclusion of people with disabilities.

Through our ongoing Indiegogo campaign, we want to:

  • Allow disabled people and those who care for them to know about our assistive technology and how it can improve their quality of life

  • Promote the use of Key-X in the USA and around the world, creating an empowering culture for its use

  • Pilot our Assistive Technologies in selected markets and channels across the United States in the next 6 months

  • Work on our channels with partners with contracts at schools and reaching organizations for people with motor disabilities

  • Reach a significant part of the 10 million people with motor disabilities in the United States over the course of the next 3 years

You can support and learn more about our Indiegogo campaign at www.key2enable.com.

Source: Key2Enable

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